IVF/ICSI Hands-On Training Course
at The University of Kent, UK.

4th - 8th of January 2023


8th - 19th of May 2023

I am so excited to announce the popular hands-on IVF Course is back!

This time not at Copenhagen University, but at The University of Kent, UK.
The University is situated in the beautiful and historical city of Canterbury, famous for its hospitality!

Furthermore, I am not alone, this time the experienced Professor Griffin and Dr Silvestri will be teaching our simplified Stroebech Media Manual of Procedure and how to take advantage of the new IVF Media range from Stroebech Media.

Furthermore, we also offer an extension of the much asked for training:

ICSI and Vitrification!


Lotte Stroebech, DVM, PhD.

Dr Stroebech has been at the forefront of many significant advances within in vitro production of embryos with more than 20 years of experience in media development and protocol optimization.

Having consulted and trained more than 300 laboratories worldwide to get established or improve their results, she is a true expert within the field.

She is often invited speaker to breeder organisation meetings throughout the world. 

Dr Stroebech is a veterinarian with a PhD in Veterinary Physiology. She developed the media for IVF Bioscience UK, and she was their previous scientific advisor.

Dr Stroebech has in her capacity of associate professor at University of Copenhagen, supervised PhD and Postdocs in IVP of embryos. She is a member of the Steering Group Committee of EliteOva, and partner in the research projects EliteSemen, Searmet, GIFT Brazil,  was Chairman of the Board of the Danish Society of Reproduction and Fetal Development (DSRF) previous boardmember of AETE and currently board member at IETS.

Prof Darren Griffin

Darren has had a diverse career in academia, completing his BSc and DSc at the University of Manchester, his PhD at University College London, postdoctoral positions at University College London, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland Ohio) and the University of Cambridge, an academic post at Brunel University and a part time teaching post at the Roehampton Institute. He has worked under the mentorship of Professors Joy Delhanty, Christine Harrison, Terry Hassold, Alan Handyside and Malcolm Ferguson-Smith. He joined the University of Kent in 2004, becoming Professor of Genetics in 2007.

Darren is President of the International Chromosome and Genome Society, a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce. He has been a BBSRC Career Development Fellow. He sits on the faculty of CoGen (controversies in genetics) and has previously sat on the board of the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS), organising its annual meeting in 2014. He is on the Editorial Board of the Journals Genes, Cells and the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics; he is Editor in Chief of the journal DNA.

Dr Giuseppe Silvestri

Dr Giuseppe Silvestri received a BSc in Molecular and Applied Biology from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Following this, he moved to the UK where he was awarded an MSc in Reproductive Medicine and then a PhD in Genetics, both from the University of Kent. Giuseppe is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the laboratory of Professor Darren Griffin on a BBSRC funded project aiming to improve the technologies available for the production and screening of farm animal embryos.

2 days Hands on course in Animal in vitro embryo production.

€ 2950

Can be extended to include additional 2 days ICSI/Vitrification

€ 2100

The Course

The IVF/ICSI Courses are aimed at anyone who wants to work professionally with IVF and improve their results. Besides Bovine IVF and Equine ICSI, the courses also are relevant to those working with small ruminants, mice, buffalos, and camels.

About the course

During the courses, you will be guided through the entire IVF/ICSI process. You will learn which obstacles hinder the progress of good results. It can be a small change that makes the whole difference, as it is all in the detail. You will also get practical guidance along the way on how to optimize all stages.

Who can participate?

The courses are relevant to commercial and academic laboratory embryologists as well as students and anyone with an interest in animal Assisted Reproduction.

Course content

The 2-day IVF Course is divided into 5 modules that take you all the way through the IVF process and give you hands-on help on how to optimize and improve your processes and results. 

Module 1

Laboratory setup and equipment

Module 2

In vitro maturation (IVM)

Logistics, timings, and decision making for transportation,
Oocyte quality from OPU and slaughterhouse.

Module 3

Semen Preparation

Semen thawing technique, Calculation of optimal semen concentrations to use for fertilization.

Module 4

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Fertilization, Semen quality – how to deal with poor semen quality, low motility, and sexed semen.

Module 5

In vitro embryo culture (IVC)

Denudation techniques of the presumed zygotes and evaluation of fertilization.

The ICSI/Vitrification extension of the course:

The 2-day additional ICSI/Vitrification makes the course a total of 4 days and is divided in 2 modules that take you all the way through the ICSI and Vitrification process. It will be more individually adapted to your needs.

Module 1

Equine ICSI, oocyte maturation, denudation, evaluation of polar body,
semen preparation, swim up, dish preparation and sperm injection of oocytes.

Module 2

Vitrification and warming of oocytes, embryos all species.


There will be 1:1 sessions with Dr Stroebech for a personalized optimization of your laboratory and in vitro production.

To register write: Lotte@stroebechmedia.com 

Prof Griffin, Dr Silvestri and I really look forward to welcoming you at The University of Kent in the UK.

Helping you succeed is my passion!