Stroebech Media provides IVF media products for Assisted Reproduction Techniques in Animals.

With more than 40 years of experience within media manufacturing and assisted reproductive technologies we have a new and optimized media product line for in vitro fertilization in cows, sheep, goat, camels and buffaloes. For assistance with IVF in exotic animals please get in touch.

Furthermore, we have an entire media range for Equine ICSI with a detailed protocol.

We offer individual training and support as well as courses within our media and protocols as well as extensive distributor training.

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Bovine Media Products

All the media are serum-free and ready-to-use and require no supplements.

Equine Media Products

Small Ruminant Media Products

All the media are serum-free and ready-to-use and require no supplements.

Our scientific background

Lotte Stroebech, DVM, PhD

Dr Stroebech has been at the forefront of many significant advances within in vitro production of embryos with more than 20 years of experience in media development and protocol optimization.

Having consulted and trained more than 300 laboratories worldwide to get established or improve their results, she is a true expert within the field.

She is often invited speaker to breeder organisation meetings throughout the world. 

Dr Stroebech is a veterinarian with a PhD in Veterinary Physiology. She developed the media for IVF Bioscience UK, and she was their previous scientific advisor.

Dr Stroebech has in her capacity of associate professor at University of Copenhagen, supervised PhD and Postdocs in IVP of embryos. She is a member of the Steering Group Committee of EliteOva, and partner in the research projects EliteSemen, Searmet, GIFT Brazil,  was Chairman of the Board of the Danish Society of Reproduction and Fetal Development (DSRF) previous boardmember of AETE and currently board member at IETS.

Birthe Avery, MD, PhD, DVSc

Dr Avery is an international recognized pioneer within IVF and former associate professor (from the Veterinary Faculty, University of Copenhagen). Dr. Avery was for 27 years head of the IVF laboratory, and responsible for the research, which mainly included bovine, porcine and equine in vitro embryo technology. Dr Avery is a noteworthy embryologist, researcher and educator.

She became Doctor of Medicine, University Copenhagen, 1977 and PhD in Embryology, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, 1991. And in 2007 Doctor in Veterinary Sciences, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen.

She has been a guest professor at Cornell University, New York, 1984, University Estate São Paulo, Jaboticabal, Brazil, 1993, University Wisconsin, Madison, 1996. Furthermore, she has been invited speaker to numerous national and international scientific conferences. She has worked from 2010 to currently, as Scientific Advisor and Consultant with Dr Stroebech optimizing and developing IVP media, and commercializing them into ready-to-use serum-free products. Thus, rendering a more accessible solution to IVP of bovine embryos and facilitated for more laboratories to implement the technique, without the trouble of media making and batch variation.

Martin Thomsen, CFO, COO

Martin Thomsen’s ambition to collaborate with top professionals in the industry led him to join forces with Dr. Stroebech, forming a formidable team in the IVF market. This partnership has been instrumental in delivering some of the most high-performing media globally, backed by rigorous quality standards. With 15 years of experience as CFO and COO for multinational corporations operating in various countries including China, USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine, and Scandinavia, Martin Thomsen brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Additionally, he has successfully spearheaded the transformation of three startups into thriving enterprises, demonstrating his proficiency in due diligence processes on both the selling and buying ends, including the successful divestment of a company to a private equity firm.

Notably, Martin Thomsen played a pivotal role in establishing a manufacturing facility in Hundested, Denmark, catering to Chinese investors for the production of infant formula intended for the Chinese market. His responsibilities included overseeing factory operations and production processes. Furthermore, he boasts extensive experience in engaging with financial institutions, suppliers, auditors, and government agencies, showcasing his adeptness in negotiations and relationship management across various stakeholders.

Every batch is certificated

IVF Media Products

Every media batch is provided with a Certificate of Analysis with a high level of Quality Control (QC) release parameters.

Quality control

Certified production site

The production site is both ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified

No overnight storage


No overnight storage of stocks, since each batch is manufactured in one day

Full testing

Sterility, fungal and endotoxin test

Tests are run on each batch and on every single raw material used