Oocyte Vitrification Kit

6 Vials for Oocyte Vitrification

Description and Prod. No.

6 vials each containing 2 ml medium in glass bottles, Prod. No. 2.22.010

Media should not be pre-heated to more than 30°C prior to use – leave lid on in order to avoid evaporation

Key Ingredients:

Sucrose, Ficoll, Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO) Ethylene Glycol, Glucose, Sodium Pyruvate, Albumin, Inorganic Salts The cryoprotective ingredients work by dehydrating embryos combined with an influx of high concentrations of cryoprotectants by increasing osmolality stepwise from 290 mOsm/kg to 865 mOsm/kg and the reverse procedure for warming (rehydration of embryo and removal of cryoprotectants) Above steps are essential for rapid cooling into LN2, which takes place from 30 °C to −196 °C in less than one second See the detailed protocol on Vitrification and Warming of embryos

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